Joy Goldkind

Media: Visual Photography

Saint James artist Joy Goldkind's interest in art is focused in the traditional and classical painters and photographers. As she studied photography it soon became clear to her that the early processes of technique and hands on crafts is what she loves to do. Her attention was turned to early pictorial images that led her to learn alternate processes. Goldkind prefers to work with Bromoil prints, as this method allows her the control over the image she desires.
Joy Goldkind uses the historic bromoil process as a tool to express her fine art portraits. The images are hand crafted using brush and inks, which adds a layer of mystery to the photograph. These images capture the spirit of the person rather than a realist representation of the subject.
"The Bromoil Process was used by photographers of the pictorial movement because they wanted their work to have a more artistic rendering. It is this step away from the clear photographic interpretation that I am looking for in my images. This process uses a bromide silver gelatin image, which is then bleached to remove the silver content. Lithographic inks are used to replace the silver that has been removed by the bleaching.
I use the Bromoil Process to enhance the subject matter of the piece. The images from my work are at times created and inspired from a fantasy world to have an” otherworldly” quality. I use double exposure and slow shutter speeds to change what is true and expected in a scene. This process gives me the freedom to soften, blur or completely erase an aspect of the original negative.
Creativity by deviating from the predictable is a valuable tool for furthering the artistic vision. Basic techniques are simply a starting point in the process of developing a recognizable style. This method allows me to alter a traditional photograph, and create a unique painterly print. My subject matter adds another dimension, so that the final product is a multi- layered, glimpse beneath the surface. The portrait for me is a picture of a persons place in life as well as what that individual feels inside.
I use a Wisner 4x5 with one lens for most of my work. Type 55 Polaroid is the film I use when working with models since with motion it is necessary for me to see the results immediately."
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