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Acrylic Painting Ages 11-15 (with Sequoyah Wharton)
  • Ages 11 to 15, Suns 03/26 to 04/23
Acrylic Painting Ages 11-15 In this engaging class, students will explore painting with the versatile media, acrylics. Develop your painting skills, while learning how to use color and different ways to approach a painting. Students will work with blending, textures, edges, warm and cool colors, and composition to create their paintings and use the work of contemporary artists in the Mills Pond Gallery to provide inspiration for their work. Projects are geared towards developing drawing and painting skills within the theme, while also encouraging individual creativity and expression. Each student works with his or her own vision and will be encouraged to develop their own style and creative approach to produce unique, finished works. Registration includes all supplies.

Ages 11 to 15
$125.00 Course Fee - $0.00 Materials Fee
Sundays 03/26, 04/02, 04/09, 04/23, 12:30 - 02:30 PM

Acrylic Painting for Adults (with Chris Ann Ambery)
  • Ages 18 to 99, Weds 05/03 to 05/24
Acrylic Painting for Adults This class is for beginner to intermediate level painters. Students will explore various painting techniques and will learn basic concepts of composition, value, and color theory. Still lives will be provided by the instructor for students to work from. Supply List: Canvas paper, Canvas board or canvas 16” x 20”, painter’s palette or palette paper, palette knife, water container, vine charcoal, kneaded eraser paper towels or rag wipe brushes Paint: Be sure to buy artists acrylic paint such as Grumbacher, Golden, Windsor Newton, or Liquitex it will come in tubes NOT craft paint such as “Folk Art” in little bottles. Utrecht and Blick both have their own brand. • Cadmium Yellow Light • Ultramarine Blue • Alizarin Crimson • Cadmium Red Medium • Titanium White • Burnt Umber • Cerulean Blue(opyional) • Dioxazine • Purple (optional) • Hooker’s Green (optional) • Yellow Ochre (optional) • Burnt Sienna (optional) • Burnt Umber (optional) • Cadmium Orange (optional) Brushes should be specific for acrylic paint. Made of either nylon or taklon • #10 or #12 Flat • #6 or #8 flat • #6 or #8 Filbert • #4 or #6 round

Ages 18 to 99
$150.00 Course Fee - Materials Fee
Wednesdays 05/03, 05/10, 05/17, 05/24, 10:30 - 01:30 PM

Adult Drawing and Painting (with Jim Minet)
  • Ages 18 to 99, Suns 05/07 to 06/25
Adult Drawing and Painting A unique experience that will focus on improving your skills regardless of your current level of proficiency. Each student will be directed according to where they are in the learning process. Draw or paint in the medium of your choice (watercolor, oil, or acrylic).A class materials list will be provided separately. Adult Drawing and Painting consists of an on-going learning experience covering all aspects of drawing and painting for adult beginners, intermediate students, and advanced students. You will learn or improve your drawing and/or, painting skills through improved color theory, color mixing, the use of correct tonal value, elements of design, understanding perspective, improved ability to handle the paint – watercolor, oil, or acrylic, and the use of proper art materials, and much more. Subjects will include landscape, still life, and figurative drawing and painting. Register by April 23. Class requires minimum enrollment of six students to run. Your fee will be returned if minimum enrollment is not met.

Ages 18 to 99
$120.00 Course Fee - Materials Fee
Sundays 05/07, 05/21, 06/04, 06/11, 06/25, 11:30 - 02:30 PM

Collage Art (with Kim Falco)
  • Ages 6 to 8, Sats 04/01 to 04/08
Collage Art Create artwork by using photos of your family, friends and pets! We will use magazine and newspaper clippings, ribbons, paint, colored papers, your own photographs and other found objects, glued to a piece of paper to create a masterpiece!

Ages 6 to 8
$65.00 Course Fee - $0.00 Materials Fee
Saturdays 04/01, 04/08, 12:00 - 02:00 PM

Drawing Explorations for Teens (ages 14-17) (with Chris Ann Ambery)
  • Ages 14 to 17, Thus 04/20 to 05/11
Drawing Explorations for Teens (ages 14-17) This class is for teens who would like to learn how to draw and for those who would like to sharpen their skills, no prior drawing experience necessary. The objective of this class is to introduce the student to basic drawing skills and explore traditional as well as alternative drawing techniques and mediums. In this course we will focus on sharpening observation skills in order to translate what we see into drawings. Students will gain an understanding of proportion and perspective and will experiment with various materials such as ink, charcoal, torn paper and some color mediums.

Ages 14 to 17
$104.00 Course Fee - Materials Fee
Thursdays 04/20, 04/27, 05/04, 05/11, 04:30 - 06:30 PM

Intermediate Watercolor Workshop for Adults (with Chris Ann Ambery)
  • Ages 18 to 99, Weds 03/22 to 04/12
Intermediate Watercolor Workshop for Adults The objective of this class is to introduce students to intermediate to advanced watercolor techniques and to explore composition and color theory. The class is conducted in a workshop style which will focus on the individual needs of the student. Students will work from their own photos and still lives which will be provided by the instructor. This class is for students who have some prior watercolor experience. Materials list available - please email for list.

Ages 18 to 99
$104.00 Course Fee - Materials Fee
Wednesdays 03/22, 03/29, 04/05, 04/12, 10:30 - 12:30 PM

Portraits in Oils for Adults (with Amal Karzai)
  • Ages 16 to 99, Tues 04/04 to 05/09
Portraits in Oils for Adults This class is designed for those with some experience in oil painting (also as a continuation of Beginning Oil Painting). We will focus on the head and learn to paint without sacrificing the gesture of subject and stroke. Each evening will begin with a short demo and then individual instruction will be given throughout the session. The emphasis will be on the basic building blocks of successful paintings and you will use only water-mixable oils, no need for turpentine! Materials List is available -please email to request. Oils paints for use during class are included in class fees. All other necessary supplies are the responsibility of the student.

Ages 16 to 99
$135.00 Course Fee - Materials Fee
Tuesdays 04/04, 04/11, 04/25, 05/02, 05/09, 06:00 - 08:00 PM

Saturday Art Studio- ages 10 -13 (with Irene Paquette Tetrault)
  • Ages 10 to 13, Sats 03/25 to 04/22
Saturday Art Studio- ages 10 -13 A different medium and area of art will be taught and explored each week in this fun, informative class. Students will be inspired by Art History and Art exhibited in the Gallery to draw, paint, design and much more! We will concentrate on drawing, shading and still life, Watercolor and acrylic painting and more. All levels of Student artists are welcome. Please feel free to bring a nut-free snack.

Ages 10 to 13
$112.00 Course Fee - $0.00 Materials Fee
Saturdays 03/25, 04/01, 04/08, 04/22, 10:00 - 12:00 PM