Jazz in the Living Room

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In Loving Memory of Francis (Ranny) Reeve 

Fridays at 7:30 pm

Jazz in the Living Room clinics were started by teacher, composer and musician Ranny Reeve, over 40 years ago. . Originally, Ranny invited his students and their friends to his home for Jazz Clinics to learn to play or sing jazz and to improvise. Working professional musicians from Long Island and NYC came up through the clinics and returned regularly to help the new students grasp the concept of Jazz Improvisation and most of all to have fun!  

Jazz in the Living Room


Aug.25, Oct. 27

Sept. 29 cancelled

Fall Concert November 17

Admission $5 to listen, Free for Jazz in the Living Room participants/players

This is an evening where Jazz in the Living Room participants have an opportunity to perform, showing off their newly learned skills to the audience!



Photo: Karen George Mortimore
Challenge the world of sheet
music and exact chords...If you are looking to expand your creative and imaginative horizons,join this fun & creative evening of Jazz Improvisation at the Mills Pond House.