Exhibit Information
Deadline:Dec 18, 2016
Start:Mar 04, 2017
End:Apr 02, 2017
Reception:Mar 04, 2017
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Winners Showcase


Exhibiting Artists:
Of A Botanical Nature  Juried by Wendy Hollender Ingrid Finnan
Animals in Art  Juried by Tim Newton Carol Lee Thompson, Mary Erickson
Members Showcase Juried by James LaMantia (LaMantia Gallery) Ned Butterfield, Donna Grossman,
Jeanette Martone, Elizabeth Milward


  Ingrid Finnan, Cauliflower - Oil on Paper 

Ingrid Finnan’s love of painting flowers stems from over thirty years of working in the decorative textile design field. Her exhibition history includes many prestigious juried exhibitions of Botanical Art both International and in the US as well as a long list of medals and awards recognizing the high quality of her botanical accuracy and skilled use of media. “Most of my botanical paintings are done in oil on paper. I think I am generally drawn to subject matter that is not overtly showy but creates interest when the individual parts are carefully examined.” Ingrid lives in Riverdale, close to the glorious flowers and plants of Wave Hill and The New York Botanical Garden.


            Carol Lee Thompson - Coffee Break - Oil

Carol Lee Thompson is a Classical Realist trained in the methods of the Old Masters and a full-time professional artist. The artist paints a wide range of subject matter including equine and animal, landscape, figurative, and Western themes. Her traditional atelier training allows her to work with the materials and techniques of the Old Masters. Carol Lee grinds her own pigments, stretches her own Belgian linen canvases and mixes her own Flemish Maroger paint medium. She also does her best to impart these teachings to her students. Carol Lee shows extensively, is featured in galleries throughout the country and her work has garnered an extensive list of top awards. She travels extensively to paint and further her education as a painter. In addition to her full-time art career, she teaches and holds workshops.

Mary Erikson - Southern Skies - Oil

Mary Erickson grew up sketching the beaches of Long Island Sound and sold her first painting to Gulf Western Industries in Stamford, Connecticut at 13. Preferring to work on location, in the tradition of painters since the French Impressionists, Mary travels extensively and believes these painting trips are essential to an artist's career and growth. “People find my work soothing and relaxing. Perhaps it is my reverence for the subjects I portray, and the spiritual sense of belonging I get when I am out in Nature. With a child-like excitement, I am awed and inspired by our planet. Paintings are my way of sharing its beauty.” A lifelong conservationist, Mary's 39 acre residence in North Carolina is slated to be left as an artist retreat and bird sanctuary.

Jeanette Martone - Shadow - Pencil & Ink

Jeanette Martone has merged her talent with her passion by creating imagery depicting the people and places she has gotten to know while volunteering on humanitarian projects in the developing world. Specifically, it has been the people of the Dominican Republic who have captured her heart during her volunteer stints there, and they are the subjects of Martone’s intricate graphite drawings. Her illustrations help shine a light on life (and death) in a very poor part of the world. “Awareness of the common linkage found in our humanity, the fragility of our cultures, and the vulnerability of those living the barest existence, teetering on the edge of life, inspires the foundation of my work.”


      Ned-Butterfield - Beaver Dam Creek - Watercolor

Ned Butterfield is a graduate of the Pratt Institute Fine Arts Program and has completed a long career as a freelance illustrator supplying artwork for the New York City advertising and editorial markets. Now working from his home is Islip, N.Y. Ned creates richly detailed watercolor seascapes and landscapes of Long Island’s south shore. His scenes feature beaches and lighthouses, canals and shipyards. “Painting is my freedom, my frustration, my joy. Using light helps me create texture and color while emphasizing the drama. The result hopefully brings interest and beauty to a local scene that might be otherwise overlooked by the casual viewer.”


    Donna Grossman - Trip to San Francisco - Oil

Donna Grossman is an artist capturing the images of the people, places and things she loves on the island she calls home. At the age of fifty three, Donna retired as a professional estate gardener, walked into an art studio and never looked back. For the next five years she immersed herself in classical training, studying with internationally celebrated artists from here and abroad. “I love to capture on canvas the simple moments in life that tell a story, whether it be a woman scolding her cat, a barn at sunrise, or a crusty old boot and oilcan. Long Island has always been my home, its landscapes and people her heart.”


   Elizabeth Milward - Crew of the Bounty - Photography

Elizabeth Milward is a Long Island based photographer.  Her interest in photography began at a young age and has been a constant companion spanning from the film days and into the digital era. Through her images she aims to convey the feeling of being there with her, seeing and feeling through the manipulation of composition, light and color. Many of her photographs have garnered recognition and have been displayed at venues throughout the NY area.

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