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Deadline:Nov 29, 2010
Start:Jan 08, 2011
End:Feb 04, 2011
Reception:Jan 15, 2011
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Juried Photography

: Alternative Processes


Juried Photography - Alternative Process

Juror: Joy Goldkind          


Participating Artists:

Carol Adleman, Keliy Anderson-Staley, Susan Bryant, Rebecca Clark(Honorable Mention),       Gary Engle, Bernice Ficek – Swenson, Melissa Fleming, Michael Frels, Alice Garik,            N.W. Gibbons(Second Place), Nancy Goodrich , William Grabowski, Travis Hocutt, Jarmaine, Patti  Kern, Linda Lee, Peter M. Lindstrom, Jill Mass, Roger Matsumoto, Timothy McCoy, Robin McGuire, Eric R. Nelson, Caitlin Parker(First Place), Robert Shaffer, Larry Shapiro, Jessica Somers(Honorable Mention), Frantisek Strouhal, Ryan Zoghlin  

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Processes Represented:

Cyanotype on Fabric
Gel Medium Photo Transfer on Birch
Silver Gel on Linen
Gum Bichromate over Ziatype
Silver Gelatin Print
Palladium Monoprint
Copper Plate Photogravure
Palladium on Vellum
Unique Palladium Photogram
Liquid Photo Emulsion and Ink
Sewn Cyanotypes on American cotton
Wet Plate Collodion
Cyanotype, Oil & Embroidery on Canvas
Gum Over Kallitype
Lazertran, Rapid Dry Transparency, Viola
Bromoil Transfer
Rockloid Tintype
Oil Print
Ziatype on Salted Paper
Orotone- Printed on Glass backed with Gold Powder

Juror: Joy Goldkind

Joy Goldkind was 50 years old before she took her first photography class, though her background was always based in the fine arts. Despite an unusually late start, Goldkind's career as a fine arts photographer has progressed rather rapidly. Her photographs of nude dancers, geishas, drag queens, ballerinas, circus performers, etc. have not gone unnoticed. Sometimes inspired from a fantasy world, the use of double exposures and slow shutter speeds help Joy to change what is true and expected into a more surrealistic scene. The old world beauty and quality they possess is in no doubt influenced by a deep interest in art history. With the use of the historic Bromoil process as a tool to express her fine art portraits, Joy adds a layer of mystery to her photographs. Very popular in the early 1900's, the Bromoil process was favored by pictorial photographers who used it to add a more artistic rendering to their work. Each piece is individually inked by hand, therefore no two prints are identical. Joy Goldkind currently resides in St. James, NY. Her work has been widely exhibited across the globe, most recently at the Museo Nationale Della Fotographia in Italy, Her photographs have graced the covers of international publications (SilverShotz and Eyemazing) , and have been featured in prestigious magazines (B&W , Zoom and View Camera). She received 2010 Sony World photo Awards commendation for wet plate collodion images . Her work is now being shown as a finalist in Madrid ( World Gala Awards.) Goldkind is represented by some of the most prestigious galleries including Verve Fine Arts (New Mexico) , Tilt Gallery (Arizona), Wave Photo Gallery (Italy), Eyemazing Editions (Netherlands) and Zoom.net. Her writing on bromoil was published in View Camera and Photolife Magazine (Canada).

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