Exhibit Information
Deadline:Feb 01, 2013
Start:Mar 23, 2013
End:Apr 26, 2013
Reception:Mar 23, 2013
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM




Juried Fine Art Exhibition: Juror: James H. Rubin



First Prize tie:
Lisa Fernandez, Red Bold Print with Fork , Courtney Meranda Surmanek , On View
Second Prize tie:
Jeanette Dick, Of Stars & Clouds, Judith Feinman, Reflection
Honorable Mentions:
Karen Neiman, Look at Yourself, Maryellen Cox, Mr. MacQuarrie at the Pub, Shay Harris, Mourning, John de Rosa, Reflections and Revelations, Casey Snyder, Sway, Eleanor Meier, Hydrangeas & Quilt
A Note from the Juror: Judgments of artistic value are extremely difficult as well as deeply personal. To be an honest judge, I can only draw on my long experience with art of many different kinds and on my admittedly subjective preferences. I was thrilled by the quantity, quality, and variety of responses to the call for entries. The theme of 'Reflections' was understood to be multi-dimensional, exactly as I intended. My choices among entries for the exhibition demonstrated the variety of interpretation, as well as diversity in medium, technique, style, support, and so on. When it came to choosing prize-winners, however, my guidelines had to be a little different, perhaps less objective. I responded to works that struck me personally as the most compelling visually and conceptually. The final choices were extremely difficult, given the high standards set by the overall level. In the end, certain works more than others caught my eye and drew me back to them more than once for closer looking and greater intellectual and emotional contemplation. That was, after all, what I was looking for in Reflections, when the theme first occurred to me.

Participating Artists:

Chris Ann Ambery, Patricia Colombraro, Maryellen Cox, John DeRosa, Jeanette Dick, Jennifer Drinkwater, JoAnne Dumas, Robert Feinland, Judith Feinman, Lisa Fernandez, Robin Gibson, Bryan Gutman, Connie Hanselman, Susan Harmon, Shay Harris, David Herman, Katherine Hiscox, Ellie Ivanova, Amal Karzai, John Killelea, Sheryl Kolitsopoulos, Susan Kozodoy Silkowitz, Pamela Lawton, Eleanor Meier, Karen George Mortimore, Karen Neiman, Lisa Petker-Mintz, Connie Robinson, Robert Schechter, Stephen Schiff, Storm Sermay, Denis Sivack, Casey Snyder, Anne Spalter, Courtney Meranda Surmanek, Mac Titmus, Chuck von Schmidt, Pamela Waldroup, Mary Webb, Christine Wuenschel

Juror: James H. Rubin

James Henry Rubin is an art historian specializing in the history, theory and criticism of nineteenth-century European art, especially that of France. He teaches at Stony Brook, the State University of New York, at both the graduate and undergraduate level. His interests are interdisciplinary, with special attention to cultural history and art and politics. He was educated at Phillips Andover, Yale (B.A.), Harvard (PhD) and the Institut d'Art et d'Archéologie of the Sorbonne in Paris (license-ès-lettres). He has taught at Harvard University, Boston University and Princeton University. He is currently Professor of Art History at Stony Brook, where he was department chair for fifteen years. He also taught part-time for many years at The Cooper Union, New York City. He has published over fifty articles and essays on subjects ranging from the eighteenth century to the present. He is the author of ten books:Eighteenth Century French Life Drawing (1977), Realism and Social Vision in Courbet and Proudhon (1981), Eugène Delcaroix's 'Dantebarke' (1987), Manet's Silence and the Poetics of Bouquets (1994), Courbet (1997), Impressionism (1999), Nadar (2001), Impressionist Cats and Dogs: Pets in the Painting of Modern Life (2003), Impressionism and the Modern Landscape: Productivity, Technology and Urbanization from Manet to Van Gogh (2008), Manet: Initial M, hand and eye (2010, French edition 2011). He has served on the International Committee of the College Art Association and represented the CAA at the United Nations. He is a member and Vice President of the Société Paul Cézanne, based in Aix-en-Provence, France. He is a dual French-U.S. citizen, speaking fluent French and English. He travels frequently and lives in New York City and in Mittelbergheim, Alsace.

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