Smithtown Township Arts Council
Outreach Exhibits at Apple Bank
91 Rte 111, Smithtown NY 11787

Aldo Arena
August 28 - October 28,  2017


         Aldo Arena - La Place de Sorbonne - Oil                   Aldo Arena - The Green Cottage - Oil


          Aldo Arena - Prepping for the Prom - Oil                    Aldo Arena - The Fishing Troller - Oil


         Aldo Arena - Megan - Oil                                          Aldo Arena - Morning Mist - Oil

Aldo Arena is a retired Northrop Grumman engineer, having retired in 2007 as a Senior Technical Fellow after a 42 year career in Bethpage NY. Since his retirement, Aldo has established an engineering consulting company which has been providing consulting services to the US Navy.
“The spare time afforded me by retirement has made it possible to explore my love of painting and four years ago I started oil painting with the help of night classes offered by the town of Smithtown. What I find most fascinating is that when you allow yourself to advance in your skills you become surprised on what you can accomplish as an artist. While I have a long way to go and have no illusions of counting myself among established artists, I look with anticipation at what tomorrow may bring.”